The Lancaster Group can offer their consultancy expertise in a range of accommodation industry services.

We can meet and advise purchasers on the benefits and pitfalls of the industry, discuss the variations between New Zealand, Queensland and New South Wales, Peruse caretaking and letting agreements, profit and loss statements and other information available and much more.

Management Rights in very general terms refer to a type of business.

A management rights business exists when a body corporate, created under legislation, contracts with a third party (the management rights business owner) to manage and care take the common property of the body corporate and to carry out the function of letting agent on the property.

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• New Zealand
• New South Wales
• Queensland


Welcome to Lancaster Group

The Lancaster Group has enjoyed a 25 year association with the accommodation industry. It has had involvement as a leaseholder, a freeholder, a developer and as a management rights owner.

Pooling together the wealth of experience gained in the different business facets, the Lancaster Group continues an association with the industry today both as an owner and as a consultant to the industry in the field of management rights.

We offer services in Consultancy, Management Rights and Rights For Sale.

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Oceans Resort

Fantastic fishing, water sports and beautiful white sand beaches...
Don’t look back and say I should have owned this one.

Jim and Jocelyn are valued clients 
of our firm and are people of great integrity and honesty.


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