What to Consider When Purchasing a Management Rights Business

What Type of Business Do You Want?

This management rights industry is not for just a selected few. The Lancaster Group have seen properties purchased by public servants, salespeople, accountants, moteliers, farmers, builders and other trades people. The main criteria are that you are hard working, with common sense, practical know how and have people skills, as with any other business.

The types of management rights businesses are:
  • Holiday
  • Corporate
  • Student
  • Mixed holiday and permanent
  • Permanent

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Five Types of Management Rights

The decision on which of the 5 types of Management Rights you would like to purchase will depend on a number of factors. Ask yourself some of these questions.

  1. Are you cashed up or keeping assets you are going to use as security to purchase?
  2. Do you wish to purchase a short term business or permanent let business?

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Proximity Apartments Lounge

Proximity Apartments

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Purchasing off the plan

The advantages of purchasing a good ‘off the plan’ management rights business far outweigh the disadvantages. An off the plan business is one that you purchase from the developer usually months before the complex is completed. These opportunities are usually reserved for more experienced management rights owners who have a proven good history in the industry. Sometimes the time frame from signing the purchase contracts to the time the business is paying can be close to two years so usually doesn’t suit first time buyers.

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It may be in your first management rights business or future purchases but at some point there is a good chance you will be
involved in a partnership.


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